Humans of Codasip: the Hiring Efforts and an Office Photo Shoot


Brno, Czech Republic – February 21st 2017 – In the past weeks, Codasip has been not only planning and expanding business, but also hiring and growing in the personnel area. The main focus stays on the headquarters office in Brno where the whole development team is based. With yearly supplies of young talents fresh from universities, an ideal location in the heart of Europe, and its renowned quality of life, the city of Brno indeed offers very good conditions for IT companies including startups. It needs to be said though that the current very low unemployment rate and the resultant competition for quality employees do not make it easy for HR departments to fill the vacant positions.

Codasip offers nice compensation and benefit packages along with unique job opportunities for developers who want to specialize in hardware and HDLs, namely processor design and verification, which makes for a competitive edge. However, while being a progressive startup and an employer of choice from a purely business perspective, Codasip is also a really nice place to work when it comes to little daily perks: great colleagues to talk to, a comfortable place to sit, or a decent coffee machine to deliver the morning pick-me-up. And Codasip seeks to present also this other face of the company, which is usually less visible on the outside, in order to further improve the chances of attracting skilled employees.

To this end, a set of photographs has been recently taken during an ordinary work day, illustrating Codasips inconspicuous assets: a conveniently sized team of smart and friendly colleagues, and nice offices at the Faculty of Information Technology (Brno University of Technology), located in an imaginatively mixed complex of modern buildings and a beautiful former château where company meetings and get-togethers are held. We hope it can give prospective colleagues a better idea of the people and places they will encounter when they decide to work for Codasip, and please our partners and clients who just want to see the real human face of Codasip.

Full list of current open positions at Codasip