Codasip Technical Product Brochure

Codasip Technical Product Brochure

Codasip Technical Product Brochure


At Codasip®, we live for solving your on-chip processing challenges. Our offering includes the all-purpose Codasip Studio™ processor design environment, the family of Codasip RISC-V Processors, and the SweRV Core™ Support Package for supporting open source RISC-V cores designed by Western Digital®.

We build our solutions on open standards such as RISC-V® to support innovation and provide longevity. RISC-V is an open instruction set architecture (ISA) that enables you to take advantage of a standard base ISA for software portability, yet to enhance computational performance with custom extensions. As processor design experts, however, we appreciate that a different architecture may work well in your unique case, and Codasip Studio can be applied to create an optimal processor for you needs.

Today, you can no longer rely on Moore’s Law to improve the performance of integrated circuits, because we are reaching the physical limits of miniaturization. Instead, you will need to innovate in domain-specific architecture in order to improve your performance and efficiency. At Codasip we provide a wide range of innovative processing solutions which can be tuned to meet your needs.

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