Highlights from 2022, a turning year for Codasip

Codasip team at RISC-V Summit 2022

The start of a new year is a perfect time to look back and reflect on the previous year and our company’s position. At the RISC-V Summit at the end of 2021, our CEO Ron Black said that Scaling is Failing, with regard to Moore’s Law, Dennard Scaling, and Amdahl’s Law, and the industry needs […]

Embedded World 2022 – the RISC-V genie is out of the bottle

Codasip team at our booth at Embedded World 2022

The last Embedded World was back in February of 2020, but the event was hit hard by Covid-19 with many exhibitors and visitors deciding to pull out last minute. No-one knew then that it would take almost two and half years before the embedded industry would regroup again in Nuremberg. Even now, in June 2022, […]

Building the highway to automotive innovation

building the highway to automotive innovation with Codasip

The semiconductor industry has changed and nowhere is this more visible than in the automotive industry. Global chip shortages have highlighted how dependent we are on silicon to keep cars on the roads. These shortages are also keeping wait times for new vehicles at an all-time high. Add to this an influx of non-traditional players […]

A European Opportunity for Codasip

RISC-V Europe and EMEA opportunity for Codasip

Why did I join Codasip a couple of days ago as VP of Sales for EMEA? We could sit down here and discuss for a few hours, but perhaps I should keep it short for now. Number 1: The RISC-V revolution is happening and Codasip is one of the leaders in the industry. Number 2: […]

Scaling to new heights at Codasip

Codasip logo on a chip

Semiconductor scaling is failing to meet designers’ needs, customers want more heterogeneous compute” and “domain specific acceleration”

A Tale of Two Approaches to High-Performance IoT

welcome to codasip

EXTENSIBLE PROCESSORS VS ACCELERATORS – AND HOW RISC-V CHANGES THE DYNAMIC If you were to ask any good designer today what is the best architecture for an SoC that needs to manage complex DSP or high bandwidth traffic demands – you will almost always find the recommendation of using one or more off-the-shelf processors, complimented […]