Where you can meet Codasip

Throughout the year, you can see Codasip representatives giving talks or visiting multiple industry events around the globe. See below what we are up to, and meet us in the flesh at an event near you!

2020 January 7–10

CES 2020
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Jerry Ardizzone (VP Global Sales)

2020 February 5–6

RISC-V Workshop
Barcelona, Spain

Zdeněk Přikryl (CTO)

2020 February 25–27

Embedded World
Nuremberg, Germany

Pavel Šnobl (Compiler Team Leader)
Filip Benna (Senior HW Engineer)

2020 March 10–11

AI Hardware Summit
Munich, Germany

Tomi Jalonen (Sales Representant)

2020 March 16–17

EPI Forum
Paris, France

Jerry Ardizzone (VP Global Sales)
Zdeněk Přikryl (CTO)

2020 March 23–27

EuroHPC Summit Week
Porto, Portugal


2020 April 6–7

Compiler Team

2020 July 19–23

DAC 2020
San Francisco, CA, USA

Jerry Ardizzone (VP Global Sales)

2019 December 8–10

RISC-V Summit
San Jose, CA, USA


Please remember that this list is subject to continuous updates. Re-visit regularly to stay informed!