Senior Processor Architect

We are a strong team in the global high-tech playing field, and we are currently looking for a new mate for the position of Senior Processor Architect.

We offer:
  • Opportunity to work with RISC-V, computer architecture of the future
  • Opportunity to work on innovative IoT processors and unique processor optimization technology
  • Nice and friendly working environment
  • Possibility to learn from other teams
  • Receptivity to your own innovations and ideas
  • A young and well coordinated small team
  • Flexible working hours
  • Opportunity to lead a small team in the future
  • Work from remote location
Your role:
  • Define architectures for a range of embedded processors for IoT, from low-end to high-end
  • Drive development of RISC-V architecture tools and components: compiler, algorithms, VLSI design
  • Utilize your knowledge of AI algorithms and accelerator architecture
  • Effectively work cross-team on multiple tasks
We require:
  • 5+ year experience with CPU/SoC development
  • Direct experience with high-performance CPU (above 1GHz)/GPU or SoC design
  • Strong understanding of performance modeling and profiling
  • Direct experience with cache coherent and fabric design. In-depth knowledge of bus operations and multi-CPU core SoC solution
  • Strong understanding of RTL design, synthesis, and DFT technology
  • Master or PhD degree in Electronics or Computer Science/Engineering
  • Experience with system architecture
  • Knowledge of RISC and CPU architecture and familiar with RISC-V

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