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Domain-Specific Accelerators

Optimize Performance, Power & Area

Domain-specific accelerators help compensate for the breakdown of Moore's law. They make it possible to continue improving processor performance without increasing power and area.


Processor Specialization

Creating Domain-Specific Accelerators

The breakdown of semiconductor scaling is driving the demand for domain-specific accelerators.

Such accelerators are specialized to varying degrees.

The advantage?

Greater specialization → greater area and energy efficiency!

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Domain-Specific Accelerators and where they fit
Domain-specific accelerators can vary in their degree of specialization: Very specialized cores with limited programmability are close to hardwired logic. Less specialized ones are closer to general-purpose cores.

How much specialization?

What is the Challenge?

Many accelerator designs are going to be created to compensate for semiconductor scaling. It is going to be very important that they are designed and verified in an efficient way.

There are two complementary ways to tackle this challenge:


    Accelerate the design cycle by using design automation tools

    Codasip Studio provides a suite of tools for automating the design of programmable cores using the CodAL architecture description language.

    CodAL can be used to create both an instruction accurate (IA) description of a processor and cycle accurate (CA) or microarchitectural description. Codasip Studio then automatically generates the SDK and HDK from the CodAL description.


    Reduce the design time by customizing an existing processor core

    If the wordlengths and ISA of RISC-V are suitable for creating an accelerator by customization, then Codasip RISC-V Processors are an excellent starting point.

    The cores can be licensed in CodAL source code, and your design team can create custom extensions to optimize the core for your application. Codasip Studio then provides automation to help you with rigorously verifying the modified core.

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