Codasip Solutions

Tools & Customization

Codasip Studio™

The complete design toolset

Do you need a unique processor core that will keep you at the top of the game? Do you want it without investing too much time and taking risks? We understand! We offer a complete, highly automated toolsuite based on revolutionary technology to achieve precisely that. Meet Codasip Studio!

Codasip CodeSpace™

The smart IDE

You have a processor core you are happy with and just need to write the software that will run on it. Our integrated development environment, Codasip CodeSpace, offers some cool features to produce high-performing code. And the best part? You get it for free with any Codasip RISC-V Processor IP.

Our tools are very user-friendly for skilled engineers, but if you need them to work on other critical tasks, we are happy to offer you our service.

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