Codasip Announces Latest RISC-V Processor

The Newest Codasip RISC-V Processor is Ideal for IoT Designs Brno, Czech Republic – August 21st 2017 – Codasip, the leading supplier of RISC-V® embedded CPU cores, today announced the newest addition to their Berkelium (Bk) family of RISC-V processors. The Codasip Bk-1 processor is an FSM processor targeted at the Internet of Things (IoT) by offering ultra-low power, the …

Codasip announces availability of Codasip Studio 6.0

The major theme for the 6.0 release has been scalability and the ability to create and reuse ASIP projects in a hierarchal manner. In addition there are significant small enhancements and bug fixes across every aspect of the tools. For a full changelog, please see the download section.