The need for a holistic approach to safety and security

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Avoiding Murphy’s Law and Satan’s Law without selling your soul By Carl Shaw, Safety and Security Architect, and Dave Higham, Functional Safety VP No one knows Murphy’s Law of “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” better than automotive OEMs, who must always deliver safe vehicles, addressing risk of harm due to malfunctioning behavior. […]

Rambus Selects Codasip Studio for SDK Development of RISC-V Processor

Codasip Studio Enables Fully Automated Development of the Processor Software Design Kit While Saving Significant Time and Resources Brno, Czech Republic – November 14th 2017 – Codasip, Ltd., the leader in RISC-V embedded processor IP cores, today announced that Rambus selected Codasip Studio for developing its next-generation RISC-V security products. Codasip Studio provides fully automated generation […]

Codasip and SecureRF demonstrate RISC-V compliant Codix IP for secure IoT applications

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AUSTIN, TEXAS — Design Automation Conference — June 6, 2016 — Codasip, a leading provider of Application Specific Instruction-set Processor (ASIP) IP, and SecureRF, a leading provider of security solutions for IoT devices, announced they will be demonstrating a RISC-V based processor that has been optimized to run IoT security applications at DAC (Austin, TX […]