Codasip L31 customizable RISC-V core is an Embedded World Best in Show

Codasip L31 Embedded World Winning Award

Codasip L31 customizable RISC-V core is an Embedded World Best in Show

Chosen by Embedded Computing Design as a winner in the Processor & IP Category

Codasip’s customizable L31 embedded RISC-V processor has been chosen as an Embedded World 2022 Best in Show Winner in the Processors & IP category. The Best in Show Winners awards are presented by Embedded Computing Design and based on Design Excellence, Relative Performance, and Market. Impact/Disruption.
Codasip L31 EW22 award

Codasip's L31 awarded Best in Show in Processor and IP category. Image source: Embedded Computing Design

Embedded Computing Design notes: “The L31 is a small, efficient 32-bit embedded RISC-V processor core aimed at embedded systems with more modest processing requirements. The core has a 3-stage pipeline and has 32 general-purpose registers. Custom instructions can be created using Codasip Studio to extend the L31 and to generate corresponding hardware and software development kits. The core supports Tensor Flow Lite Micro for developing embedded AI applications...”

Launched in February this year, the Codasip L31 is the latest in the company’s range of low-power embedded RISC-V processor cores optimized for customization. The cores enable customers to easily customize processor designs to support challenging tasks such as neural networks (AI/ML) even in the smallest, power-constrained applications – such as IoT edge.

Codasip L31 Embedded World Winning Award

Codasip's Brett Cline receives award from Brandon Lewis of Embedded Computing Design. 
Image source: Embedded Computing Design

Zdeněk Přikryl, Chief Technology Officer at Codasip commented: “The L31 core offers our customers unique possibilities for high-performance, energy-efficient embedded AI applications. To receive this Best in Show award is a recognition of the innovative work we do, and I am extremely proud of the engineering team who put in all the effort to create a truly game-changing product.”

A white paper on Embedded AI on L-Series cores: Neural networks empowered by custom instructions is available from the Codasip website – click here to access and download the document.


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