Videos are a great way to learn efficiently on a topic. No doubt. We list on this page demo videos, tutorials, and conference talks for you to learn more about our technology and Custom Compute. We have more on our YouTube channel, join us there as well!

What is Custom Compute?

The semiconductor industry is in the middle of a massive change. With semiconductor scaling reaching its limits, we need to find new ways to create differentiated products. How? Through architecture optimization, hardware/software co-design, and domain-specific acceleration. In other words: through Custom Compute.

AI-based image denoising

This demo shows an example of RISC-V processor customization with Codasip Studio for Neural Network acceleration, specifically AI-based image denoising, and the benefits.

Dual Core LockStep

This demo shows an example of DCLS implementation on a customizable RISC-V core. It is based on the L31 embedded RISC-V core and shows fault trapping and detection for safe and secure applications.

FIR filter accelerator

This demo shows an example of CPU customization for the FIR filter accelerator. It is based on the L31 embedded RISC-V core and shows PPA improvements achieved with Codasip Studio. 

Architecting ambitions with custom compute

Brett Cline, Chief Commercial Officer at Codasip, at Embedded World 2023.

Over the past 50 years, our industry has changed significantly. If vertical integration was limited to a few companies back in the 1980s, today OEMs build their own chips and control the entire supply chain. Vertical integration is accessible to all and allows both hardware and software optimization.

Codasip enables this in a unique way. Find out more in this video.

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