Harnessing the full potential of RISC-V

Planning to replace an Arm processor? Starting from scratch? Let's work on your project together.

In our rapidly evolving industry, differentiation and ownership is everything. To meet the demand for greater computational performance when semiconductor scaling is showing its limits, you must innovate architecturally and create more specialized processing units.

You must customize your compute.

Optimizing processor design is paramount, as well as optimizing processes and methodologies to cope with both processor complexity and scarcity of skills.

Adopt the most efficient Custom Compute technology in the industry.

Adopt RISC-V. But do it with a twist. Take advantage of the RISC-V open standard to get the design freedom that you need. Don’t just look for an Arm core replacement. Take ownership of your design with a customizable RISC-V core.

Codasip RISC-V processors

Start here. From powerful to application cores, take your pick.

Codasip Studio

Make it your own. Optimize your chosen core to achieve the best PPA and generate a custom SDK.