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Do you need to tweak an existing processor design to better fit your needs? Optimize it to get better PPA? Add domain-specific features? Or create a brand new processor core? Meet Codasip Studio, a highly automated EDA toolset that covers every aspect of the design process and makes the path to your custom core supremely smooth, fast, and risk-free. We know it because we use it ourselves to create the Codasip processor IP!

Codasip gave us the flexibility to create a truly unique RISC-V processor, specific to our needs. This saved us the effort to build our own processor from scratch and allowed us to focus on other critical areas of the product development.

Ty Garibay, VP of Hardware Engineering, Mythic

How to use Codasip Studio?

Codasip Studio offers two paths to create your unique processor architecture:

1 Tailor a RISC-V Core

For a quick and convenient start, select one of our proven RISC-V cores as the base for your design. Our cores are supplied as modifiable CodAL models and can be easily edited to get the exact processor you need. Codasip Studio will guide you through the process to ensure predictable and high-quality results.

2 Design from scratch

For a completely new core, start with just an instruction-accurate (IA) model and generate a complete SDK for your processor. Then you can explore and refine the optimal architecture for your design. Once happy with the results, add any cycle-accurate (CA) information (pipelining) and generate the complete processor implementation.

Codasip Studio Workflow

Codasip Studio employs a revolutionary, patent-protected approach to processor design and customization. A single high-level CodAL description of the processor is used instead of manually-written RTL and simulators. We replace these manual tasks with a fully automated workflow!
Diagram that shows the Codasip Studio flow

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