Customize to the core

Set your creativity free with Codasip Studio and our RISC-V powered processors.

Use our highly automated design toolset to efficiently shape your next idea. Codasip Studio is a unique collection of tools for fast and easy designing or modification of processors. It works with CodAL, our design language, which is used to describe both the ISA and the microarchitecture and covers every aspect of the design process. This makes the path to your next successful product supremely smooth, fast, and low-risk. Whether you modify an existing Codasip RISC-V processor, design a new processor from scratch, or create a software development kit for your existing architecture, Codasip Studio will generate everything you need to be ready for production.

Key capabilities of Codasip Studio include:

  • Rapid architecture exploration and prototyping
  • Automated generation of a custom compiler that understands your custom hardware and how to take advantage of it
  • Automated generation of power and area-optimized synthesizable, human-readable RTL

Meet Codasip Studio Fusion

Codasip Studio has been the toolset to generate both the RTL and the software development tools from one processor model for years.


The latest version, Codasip Studio Fusion, improves this fundamental capability and adds a layer of segmentation. You can configure the core from set options, create custom instructions within set bounds, or design freely.

Fusion Venn

What’s new?

Don’t let hardware be a bottleneck to your software


  • Explore configuration options for our RISC-V processors in a user-friendly graphical interface
  • Instantly generate the RTL and software development toolkit
  • Profile benchmarks or your own code
  • No processor design experience is needed
Studio Fusion configurator

Customize within bounds

  • Add custom instructions without risk
  • Follow a set of rules allowing for many common customizations
  • Instantly generate custom RTL and software development toolkit
  • The functionality of the baseline core is guaranteed
  • The verification of custom instructions is aided by the provided verification framework

Co-optimize hardware and software

  • Experiment with different configurations
  • Use Profiler to identify the right custom instructions
  • Simplified verification of custom core​
  • Full Designer offers complete freedom to customize outside bounds
Studio Fusion profiler

Codasip Studio workflow

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