Think different. Get different.

Differentiate your product by customizing your compute. Use Codasip Studio to take RISC-V and turn it into a competitive advantage.

Use our highly automated design toolset to efficiently shape your next idea. Codasip Studio modifies an existing processor design or creates a brand new core. It covers every aspect of the design process and makes the path to your next successful product supremely smooth, fast, and low-risk. 

From architecture exploration to design and customization

Set your ideas free with Codasip Studio.

  • Make the best software and hardware tradeoffs
  • Achieve optimal features and PPA


What our customers are saying

Codasip gave us the flexibility to create a truly unique RISC-V processor, specific to our needs. This saved us the effort to build our own processor from scratch and allowed us to focus on other critical areas of the product development.

Ty Garibay, VP Hardware Engineering, Mythic

A single, unified toolchain for processor design automation

Codasip Studio is a unique collection of tools for fast and easy designing or modification of processors. Codasip Studio works with CodAL, our high-level architecture description language, that is used for designing both the ISA and the microarchitecture. Whether you decide to modify an existing Codasip RISC-V design or design a new processor from scratch, Codasip Studio and CodAL generate everything you need to be ready for production.

Key capabilities of Codasip Studio with CodAL include:

  • Rapid architecture exploration
  • Automated generation of a custom compiler that understands your custom hardware and how to take advantage of it
  • Automated generation of power and area-optimized synthesizable, human readable RTL

Codasip Studio workflow

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