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Application RISC-V processors

Application RISC-V processors

64-bit cores for Embedded Linux applications

The Codasip application RISC-V processor family is based on the 64-bit RISC-V ISA. It includes processors based on the Codasip 7 Series and implementing a Memory Management Unit to support rich operation systems such as Linux.

Key Features


Best-in-class quality core designed in CodAL for easy customization to match your specific needs and create a unique product.

Linux capable

Memory Management Unit and privilege modes included for supporting rich OSes such as Linux to bring advanced features and performance to area-constrained devices.

Multi-core option (-MP)

Cores are available in symmetric multiprocessing configurations of up to 4 cores. A cluster has integrated L1 instruction and data caches as well as L2 cache coherence.

A70 & A70-MP

First power-efficient and flexible application core.

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