RISC-V processors

What is RISC-VAnd why is it important?

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What is RISC-V?

Ambitious innovators like you need the design freedom to make your products stand out – you need RISC-V. To compete, you need to match your compute to your application. RISC-V is an open, modular standard which means anybody can use it. Why is RISC-V important? Because with its flexibility you can add as much or as little to the base instruction set as you need. You can use standard extensions and your own custom instructions to tailor your processor to your software.

The core of your next big idea

From embedded MCUs to applications CPUs, we provide you with high-performing, silicon proven RISC-V IP. All our cores are RISC-V compliant and processor quality is ensured through best-in-class verification.

We design all our processors in Codasip Studio with CodAL, our unique architecture description language. This means all our processors are customizable, which helps you leverage the potential of RISC-V and deliver on your ambitions.

Diagram of processor series

Our IP sets your creativity free

Codasip has a fresh, trusted and proven approach to RISC-V to help you develop high performing, fast-deploying and game-changing products.

Choose your own path. Each Codasip RISC-V core can be licensed either as:

Off-the-shelf RISC-V CPU Delivered as RTL Production ready
Customizable RISC-V CPU Delivered as Codal source code Modifiable with Codasip Studio

Processor features and benefits

Customize our RISC-V processor. So you can optimize like no one else. Architect your ambition

Take your tech to the next level with our RISC-V processors

You know where you want to be. We help you get there.

All Codasip RISC-V CPUs are fully customizable and adaptable to the unique needs of your project.

Choose the RISC-V CPU that fits your need:
  • Small and energy-efficient low-power embedded cores
  • More powerful high-performance embedded cores
  • Advanced application cores able to run rich operating systems such as Linux
Codasip RISC-V Processor IP portfolio

Evaluate Codasip RISC-V processors
with FPGA platforms

Ready to evaluate one of our Codasip RISC-V cores?

Get a Codasip FPGA evaluation platform. The evaluation kit includes:

  • An FPGA bitstream
  • The SDK
  • The CodeSpace IDE
  • A step-by-step quick start guide

Contact us to get your evaluation kit.

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