What is Codasip about?

About us

Codasip is a processor solutions company which uniquely helps developers to differentiate their products. We are Europe’s leading RISC-V company with a global presence. Billions of chips already use our technology.

In today’s technology market, differentiation is everything. The difference between success and failure. And, in chip design, this difference is quite literally wafer thin. With increasing transistor costs, your developers can no longer rely on semiconductor scaling and legacy processors to achieve your goals. The only way forward is to implement custom compute with designs tailored to your applications.

We deliver custom compute through the combination of the open RISC-V ISA, Codasip Studio processor design automation and high-quality processor IP. Our innovative approach lets you easily customize and differentiate your designs. You can develop high-performing,

and game-changing products that are truly transformational.

Unlike traditional design approaches, our custom compute enables you to take control of your destiny. We allow you to set free your creativity and to use your ingenuity. We’re at the leading edge of a transformation in processor design, providing our partners, the most innovative companies on the planet, with a proven alternative to the norm.

At Codasip, we enable you to design different.

It’s time to take the leap.

Architect your ambition.


The skills, stories, and standards of our leaders can tell a lot about our company. Meet our smart, inventive and versatile leadership team. 


Karel Masařík starts working on his PhD thesis covering a unique hardware/software co-design technology that will become the core of Codasip: Codasip Studio.

Codasip is founded following the 10-year research at Brno University of Technology.

A seed funding round of $4.5M is secured with Credo Ventures.

Codasip co-founds RISC-V International (previously known as RISC-V Foundation).

Codasip offers the first commercial RISC-V processor IP on the market.

Codasip introduces its first 64-bit RISC-V core.

The series A investment round is successfully completed, raising $10M from private equity firms.

Codasip joins CHIPSAlliance.

Horizon 2020 funding is received from the European Union.

A new strategic design center opens in France.

Codasip reaches 100 employees!

A new strategic design center opens in the United Kingdom.

Ron Black becomes CEO.

New strategic design centers open in Greece and Spain.

Codasip acquires Cerberus, a UK company specialized in designing and building secure IoT products.



We are a European company with worldwide impact and ambitions in the field of unique processor technologies. We are currently hiring. Join our team!

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