Setting you up for success

What if you could keep software flexibility while bringing into the processor the additional logic that enables fantastic speed-ups? This is exactly what the RISC-V open standard is designed for.

Focus on hardware/software co-optimization

What if your software and hardware architecture teams worked together early on processor optimization and collaborated from the beginning of product development? Your software team could start developing their critical algorithms and uncover much sooner those potential gains that could not be achieved if the hardware was already frozen.

Efficiently customize your compute for optimal PPA

Use Codasip Studio to take RISC-V and turn it into a competitive advantage. Our processor design automation tools cover every aspect of the design process and make the path to your next successful product smooth, fast, and low risk. Rapidly explore the architecture, automate the generation of a custom SDK that understands your custom hardware, and automatically generate PPA-optimized synthesizable, human readable RTL.

Provide security to your customers

Everyone expects security – and safety. Protect your customers and end users. Customizable security implementations allow you to add security at the level you need.

Processor customization

Because processor optimization requires customization without worrying about vendor lock-in

Architectural exploration

Whether you create a novel architecture with design automation or optimize our silicon proven RISC-V IP

Architecture licenses

Take advantage of the rapidly growing RISC-V ecosystem and our best-quality baseline IP to shape your next successful product

Safety and security

Enabling safe and secure Custom Compute everywhere it matters