Moore’s law, Dennard Scaling, and Amdahl’s law are failing.

The semiconductor industry must change, and processor paradigms must change with it. The future is in:

Processors are everywhere...

How to get the best one?

With processors being ubiquitous in SoC designs and multiple processor subsystems being commonplace, the requirements vary considerably from design to design. As traditional boundaries between MCU, DSP, and application processors are blurring, more and more companies are wanting domain-specific cores that match their unique needs.

Codasip, with its focus on processor solutions, is uniquely able to meet such needs.

Codasip offers a wide range of production-ready RISC-V-based embedded and application processor cores. Should you need to customize your core, you can do that using our best-in-class design technology. We also equip you to efficiently create your custom processor core from scratch, including automatically generated software and verification platforms.

Solutions & Products

We offer production-ready processor cores based on RISC‑V, the license-free customizable ISA. In fact, all our products are based on open standards, providing unequaled flexibility.
Domain-specific accelerators help compensate for the breakdown of Moore's law. They make it possible to continue improving processor performance without increasing power and area.
If you have requirements that cannot be met by an off-the-shelf processor IP core even after customization, you can design the instruction set and microarchitecture from scratch.
Customizing an existing design is the most convenient way to your custom processor core. Our smart & automated technology guarantees fast results with minimal manual effort.

Meet Codasip

The first providers of a commercial RISC-V processor IP, founding members of RISC-V International and experts in processor customization, we develop cutting-edge technology to help you get exactly the core that you need. Founded in 2014 and based in Europe, we have evolved into a strong global player in the processor design field.

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