Codasip is the only company that automates the design and customization of RISC-V processors and their toolchains.


Codasip is the leading provider of RISC-V processor IP, having introduced their first RISC-V processor in November 2015.


Codasip is unique in providing their processors with high-level tools that enable you to configure the RISC-V cores, to automatically generate toolchains and synthesizable, human-readable Verilog RTL.


Codasip offers a verification environment that ensures correctness and compliance with the RISC-V ISA specification.

RISC-V processors

Go open with your processor IP to avoid vendor lock-in and to protect your investment: Select one of our pre-verified, off-the-shelf RISC-V cores and deploy it as-is, or build your unique chip by combining the standard ISA with optional or custom hardware extensions.

Custom Processors

If you need something really special, opt for a completely new core. Using our unique toolset, Codasip Studio, we can create or modify IP for your ideal combination of performance, power, and area. Automated verification will then ensure fast and outstanding results.

SweRV Support Package

The SweRV Support Package (SSP) provides a complete set of tools, components and expert advice needed to deploy the SweRV RISC-V core developed by Western Digital. Switching to an open ISA has never been easier!


Get the best of both worlds with the rich and rapidly growing ecosystem of RISC-V and the incredible flexibility of Codix Cores. RISC-V represents the future of extensible ISA designs.


Bring your truly unique processing application to life, quickly and easily using Codasip’s unique processor IP generation technology. Do in days what would otherwise take months using traditional methods.

SweRV Support Package

Go open and opt for the SweRV RISC-V core developed by Western Digital. With the SSP, you get a complete set of tools, components, and expert advice needed to deploy the core with ease and confidence.


Based in the heart of Europe, Codasip is a rapidly growing company focused on redefining processor design through groundbreaking IP and automation technology.

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