RISC-V. But better.

We enable ambitious technology innovators to develop uniquely better products and experiences by harnessing the full power of RISC-V.

The future is in custom compute.

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Leader in processor design automation

Your processor solutions provider

Traditional approaches such as semiconductor scaling and standard processor IP cores are nearing the end of the road. RISC-V is transformational by being an open, flexible architecture supported by a rapidly growing ecosystem.

We help you achieve a competitive advantage through our unique custom compute offer. You can easily differentiate using our processor design tools and architecture licenses.

We enable you to develop uniquely better products.

Europe’s leading RISC-V company with a global presence

We are at the leading edge of a global transformation in processor design. Based in Europe, we provide the most innovative companies on the planet with a proven alternative to the norm. Our custom compute enables you to differentiate with customizable, high-quality RISC-V and design automation technology.

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