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Make your own RISC‑V storyDesign for Differentiation

Scaling to new heights at Codasip

After 50 years, Moore’s law, Dennard Scaling, and Amdahl ’s law are failing and at the same time, everything is getting prohibitively expensive. At Codasip, we know that the semiconductor industry must change, and processor paradigms must change with it. The future is in:


Ron Black, CEO

Leader in Processor Design AutomationYour RISC-V IP Vendor and EDA Tools Provider

As traditional boundaries between MCU, DSP, and application processors are blurring, more and more companies are wanting domain-specific cores that match their unique needs. Codasip provides you with the best quality RISC-V IP and unique design automation technology to choose your own path and develop a processor tailored for its task.

Design for DifferentiationCustomize, Innovate, Differentiate

Codasip gives you the ability to choose your own path. We unlock the true potential of RISC-V and help you innovate and increase processor performance by providing best-in-class quality RISC-V cores that you can customize easily and efficiently with our unique design automation technology.

Codasip Solutions & ProductsChoose your own path

From embedded to application CPUs, we offer high-performing, silicon proven, best-quality RISC-V IP.

Our unique processor design automation technology, including the Codasip Studio toolset and CodAL architecture description language, allows you to customize an existing design to create your own core, tailored for its task.

Needing a unique processor with optimal features and PPA? Customize an existing Codasip RISC-V design efficiently with Codasip Studio.

Evaluate the architecture and take the results to make the best software and hardware tradeoffs, and meet your system design specifications.

European RISC-V Leader

Codasip is a founding member of RISC-V International and the first provider of a commercial RISC-V processor IP. Experts in processor customization, we develop cutting-edge technology to help you get exactly the core that you need. Founded in 2014 and based in Europe, we are today a strong global player in the processor design field.

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