Reinventing architecture licenses

Do you remember these abstract, traditional architecture licenses only accessible to an elite few? Forget about these. We are reinventing architecture licenses. 

We enable differentiation in a broad range of applications, from automotive to networking and wearables, by removing all economic and technological barriers. 

Codasip architecture licenses allow you to take advantage of the rapidly growing RISC-V ecosystem and our best-quality baseline IP. Codasip IP, combined with our unique processor design automation tools Codasip Studio, provides a new path to innovation through design customization.

We set your creativity free.
You have full design freedom.

How does this work? You start from a design with a quality, proven standard RISC-V core, and then easily modify it for your application. Thanks to the power of the Codasip Studio design tool, you can do this easily and cost-effectively, even if your design team is not that big. 

You are free to modify the ISA and the microarchitecture. Totally free. We set your creativity free.


Customizing with Codasip Studio and CodAL

Start from a Codasip RISC-V processor IP delivered as CodAL source code. 

Modify it as you need with Codasip Studio. 

Automatically generate software and hardware deliverables for your custom core.


Codasip Solutions diagram

If you can imagine it, we can help you make it.

Our portfolio of high-quality RISC-V cores comes with full verification and support. Get your CodAL architecture license and architect your ambitions. 

Start freely customizing a core today in an easy-to-use environment and create that competitive product for your unique needs.

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