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Architecture Licenses

Reinventing architecture licenses


Enabling differentiation in a broad range of applications, from automotive to networking and wearables, requires removing the economic and technological barriers that have made architecture licenses in a traditional IP context often inaccessible to many players in the industry.  

You may have heard about architecture licenses before, as something abstract, only accessible to a very limited number of deep-pocketed corporations. Forgot what you heard. We are reinventing architecture licenses. 

Codasip architecture licenses allow our customers to differentiate seamlessly by taking advantage of the rapidly growing RISC-V ecosystem and our best-quality baseline IP. Codasip IP, combined with our unique processor design automation tools, provides a new path to innovation through design customization.


The RISC-V open standard allows for either open-source or commercial processor designs. We offer our customers conventional commercial designs in RTL for standard applications – but we also uniquely allow fully customizable designs that gives you ownership and the ability to create a RISC-V core tailored for your specific needs.  

A Codasip architecture license gives you the best of both worlds: you start a design with a quality, proven standard RISC-V core, and then easily modify it for your application. Thanks to the power of the Codasip Studio design tool, this can be done easily and cost-effectively, even by a small design team. This license allows both modifying the ISA (for example, adding custom instructions) and modifying the microarchitecture.  

This unique approach is reinventing architecture licenses to unlock innovation and enable differentiation.


Design freedom

Customize fully and easily our RISC-V cores with a full processor architecture license and Codasip Studio, and get a tailored CPU with features and PPA optimized for your unique application.


Codasip’s cost-effective processor IP, with architecture license included, together with the ease of development of Studio enables dramatic lower development costs.

Ease of use

Our cores are designed to make customization straightforward and efficient with Codasip Studio, making customization possible for any SoC development team.


For your customization project, choose Codasip RISC-V processor IP delivered as CodAL source code. Then, use our processor design tool Codasip Studio to modify the core as you need. Codasip provides you with the flexibility you need to customize the core at ISA and microarchitecture level. All of this in our easy-to-use CodAL processor architecture description language that is cycle accurate and generates both hardware and software deliverables for your custom core.

RISC-V OFFERS THE PROMISE OF OPENNESSCodasip makes that promise a reality

We offer a portfolio of high-quality RISC-V cores with full verification and support, completely customizable with an architecture license. 

Start freely customizing your chosen core today in an easy-to-use environment and have a unique product for your unique needs. 

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