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Codasip Labs

Innovation hub

With Codasip Labs, we aim to extend the possible, bridging the gap between innovative research and commercialization. As semiconductor scaling is showing its limits, there is an obvious need for new ways of thinking and we are working with universities, research institutes, and strategic partners to enable innovation.

Accelerating game-changing technologies

In a rapidly evolving industry where semiconductor scaling
is showing its limits, you need game-changing products. We, at Codasip, work hard to help you create these products by focusing on new solutions and ways of thinking to enable innovation.

Codasip Labs is our dedicated innovation hub that aims to strengthen and accelerate the development of RISC-V processor customization to help you lead the way with unique technology.

The mission

Codasip Labs aims to identify and build technologies that extend the possibilities of custom compute. We help accelerate the time to market for uniquely better products with customized, domain-specific designs within key technology areas.

We are bridging the gap between innovative research and commercialization.

Karel Masarik

Key technology areas


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Shaping the future together

University program

The Codasip University program focuses on preparing the next generation of researchers, training the next generation of engineers, and developing solutions to solve tomorrow’s technological challenges. 

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If you are interested to contribute to the work we do at Codasip Labs, check out our open positions at the Careers page. If you do not find a suitable open position, but feel you could contribute, we would still like to hear from you.

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