RISC-V processor
safety & security

Safety and security driving RISC-V forward

At Codasip, we believe that a unified approach to functional safety and cybersecurity creates the most dependable products for all markets. By​ leveraging both disciplines, we can create the highest quality RISC-V processors that you can tailor for your application.


Brings the mindset and processes to add protection against deliberate attacks

Functional safety​

Brings the development rigor and processes to protect against systematic faults and failures

Our RISC-V processor security mindset

Open, configurable, and customizable security implementations allow you to add security at the level you need.

We provide the workings of our security analysis, enabling you to efficiently focus your efforts on analyzing any modifications you make.

Helping you build secure-by-design products

We are building the technology that will provide you with the capabilities that you need across industries from automotive, industrial IoT, and more.

Championing emerging technologies

As a founding member of RISC-V International, we chair and actively contribute to several technical working groups, including security and safety topics of interest.

Security Model Group


Functional Safety SIG

Securing innovation

Codasip Labs is working to ensure that even customized, domain-specific, and low-power embedded applications can all be delivered with security at their core through a combination of in-house IP and solutions from specialized partners.

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