Low-power embedded RISC-V processors

Powering the most energy-efficient embedded devices

The Codasip low-power embedded RISC-V processor family provides maximum energy efficiency with optional signal processing capability to enable a wide range of smart edge and end-point devices. 

These processors are designed for you to use in a broad range of embedded devices where power, area, and cost constraints take priority. The cores use the RISC-V 32-bit ISA and you can choose different pipeline lengths and architectural options.

Key features


Tiny 32-bit RISC-V core for area-constrained devices.

L31 & L31F

Ideal balance between performance and power consumption with FPU implementation.


Best-in-class core for small-area and low-power applications


Embedded AI enables devices to run simple AI models at the edge, immediately reusing the computing results. This increases security, reduces latency, and minimizes data transfers.

The ability to run AI/ML tasks becomes a must-have when selecting an SoC or MCU for IoT and IIoT applications. 

The Codasip low-power embedded family enables AI/ML at the edge. All our embedded cores support TensorFlow Lite, the most common framework used by developers and targeting specifically resource-constrained embedded systems.

  • Smart wearable devices
  • Wireless devices
  • Implanted sensors
  • Asset tracking
  • Environmental sensors
  • Audio and AR/VR headsets
  • And more.

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