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University Program


Cooperation between Codasip and academia accelerates development of RISC-V processor IP, electronic design automation, and verification tools and methodologies.

University Programoverview

The Codasip Labs University Program prepares the next generation of processor engineers by augmenting university undergraduate and graduate computer engineering curriculums and providing assignments, materials, and industry-grade tools.

Through support of students and researchers, the Codasip Labs University Program aims to prepare the people and advance the technologies to solve tomorrow’s technological challenges.

The Program develops research partnerships and supports researchers to advance solutions in computer security, functional safety, artificial intelligence, advanced system memories, and domain specific applications.

The support of both the students and researchers will be through its High-Level Synthesis Language, CodAL, and Codasip technologies.

The codasip Labs university program

Helping tomorrow’s processor experts

These opportunities will prepare students to solve future technological challenges in processor security, artificial intelligence/machine learning, functional safety, advanced memories, and domain specific applications

Solving tomorrow’s challenges

Actively reaches out to technology leaders and research faculty to develop partnerships to address future technological challenges

Accelerating Innovation

The ecosystem will include knowledge boards, on-line curriculum, RISC-V community events, and hackathons with the goal to spur new solutions for tomorrow’s problem

Preparing the next generation of processor engineers

Research faculty and their research assistants have access to the following:

  • Cloud-based Codasip Studio Integrated Development System (IDE)
  • When required and appropriate, local Codasip Studio licenses
  • Codasip’s High-Level Synthesis Language, CodAL, and Codasip Studio technical support through Codasip
  • Access to Codasip technologies including computer security, functional safety, artificial intelligence, and domain specific applications
  • Where appropriate, RISC-V IP cores for research development

Shared benefits

Enhancing research outcomes

Through the integration of the combined knowledge base of Codasip and the research community

Joint paper publications

Shared IP-development

Advancing technology to solve tomorrow’s technological challenges

All teaching faculty, teaching assistants, and students will have access to a cloud-based Codasip Studio which provide the following benefits:

  • Minimal student tool installation/start-up time
  • Consistent platform (version level) to scale curriculum material
  • Single platform enables issues addressed by one individual to benefit all

Assignment materials to augment their current courses:

  • Assignment learning outcomes
  • Slides to integrate into course lectures in support of assignments
  • Detailed assignments with embedded notes on theory
  • Grading rubric
  • Videos that the student can access to support assignment implementation
  • Videos to support the student’s debug or work through assignment issues

Curriculum roadmap

Accelerate innovation and product development

Development of a CodAL ecosystem to share knowledge, experiences, ideas, and designs:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Knowledge Board
  • Design Database to share and exchange solutions
  • Community activities including design contests and hack-a-thons

Accelerate the growth and innovation of the CodAL community

Accelerate design development with open source support and solutions

Accelerate product innovation through access to a diverse community of ideas and engineers

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