RISC-V Summit 2021

The RISC-V event of the year was a success. As a proud Platinum sponsor, Codasip gave four talks and a number of demos. See you next year!

Do you want to be a RISC-V leader, not a follower?

Then Design for Differentiation!

RISC-V offers the opportunity for new companies to disrupt the industry. Codasip’s customized solutions open up the potential for your creativity: Design For Differentiation with Codasip Studio and RISC-V cores. Codasip has already shipped an estimated 2bn cores and presented their technology benefits at RISC-V Summit 2021.


Our Talks

Hosted by DAC, booth #1346

Extending RISC-V Cores in the Field

Zdeněk Přikryl, Codasip & Imen Baili, Menta

Monday, December 6
1-2 pm

Tuesday, December 7
2-3 pm

Wednesday, December 8
3-4 pm

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Booth Demo

Codasip Application Processor Evaluation Platform

Forrest Pickett, FAE, Codasip

The demo showed a linux prompt and the ability to control a simple LCD screen on the FPGA board.

Booth Demo

Codasip Embedded Processor Evaluation Platform

Forrest Pickett, FAE, Codasip

The demo showed GPIO blinking lights, QSPI being written, I2C measuring the temperature, and two benchmarks running.

Hosted by DAC

Updating RISC‑V microarchitecture in the field through Menta co‑extended cores and Codasip Studio

Imen Baili, Menta & Zdeněk Přikryl, Codasip

Monday, December 6
5:00–6:00 pm

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Our Booth

Codasip had booth B10 in the Platinum Sponsor section, staffed with senior management.


Enjoy exclusive Codasip's virtual booth video featuring Codasip CTO Zdeněk Přikryl:

  1. Introducing Codasip (0:00-1:35)
  2. Talk: Using and Extending RISC-V in an Analog Matrix Processor for Neural Networks (1:35-11:31)
  3. Demo: RISC-V Custom Instructions (11:31-23:29)



This whitepaper by Codasip CTO Zdeněk Přikryl elaborates on the advantages of customized ‘domain specific’ processors using RISC-V. Get the insight!


Codasip RISC-V Processors are pre-verified processor cores that can be deployed instantly, or easily customized with Codasip Studio to add your secret domain-specific sauce. Check out the selection of low-power, high-performance or advanced application cores for any design needs!
Codasip Studio is a complete EDA toolset for highly automated, easy-to-do customization. The cutting-edge technology walks you through the design path and ensures unbeatably fast and reliable results. Why put up with a generic core when you can have a unique one to match your application?

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