Codasip Releases Studio 8, a Breakthrough in RISC-V Automation, and the Bk7 RISC-V Processor Core for Real-Time Computing Applications

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Munich, Germany – December 6th, 2018 – CodasipGmbH, the leading supplier of RISC-V® embedded processor IP, announced today the latest version of Studio, a suite of tools optimized for the development and verification of RISC-V processors, and the Bk7 processor, the first Codasip RISC-V core optimized for Linux and real-time performance. “As the RISC-V ISA specification evolves and […]

Trinamic Licenses Codasip’s Bk3 RISC-V Processor for Next Generation Motion Control Applications

Brno, Czech Republic and Hamburg, Germany – February 28th 2018 – Codasip, the leading supplier of RISC-V® embedded processor IP, announced today that Trinamic, the global leader in embedded motor and motion control ICs and microsystems, has selected Codasip’s Bk3 processor for its next-generation family of products. Trinamic’s products serve multiple markets including laboratory and factory automation, semiconductor […]

Codasip Announces Studio 7, Design and Productivity Tools for Rapid Generation of RISC-V Processors

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Brno, Czech Republic – January 23rd, 2018 – Codasip, the leading supplier of RISC-V® embedded processor IP, today announced that it has launched the 7th generation of its Studio, the unique IP-design and customization software that allows for fast configuration and optimization of RISC-V processors, customer-proprietary processor architectures, and their accompanying software development toolchains. Studio 7 adds significant […]