We care about processor verification – and you should too

Electronic circuit with a breakfast in background to illustrate that good processor verification means quality and peace of mind

Finding a hardware bug in silicon has consequences. The severity of these consequences for the end user can depend on the use case. For the product manufacturer, fixing a bug once a design is in mass-production can incur a significant cost. Investing in processor verification is therefore fundamental to ensure quality. This is something we […]

Why and How to Customize a Processor

processor customization with Codasip made simpler and faster

Customization arises from optimizing a processor IP core to handle a certain workload. In some case it makes sense to design a dedicated core from scratch, but in many cases an existing core may partially meet your requirements and can be a good starting point for your optimized core.

What is an ASIP?

ASIP and application-specific processors to address semiconductor scaling issues

ASIP stands for “application-specific instruction-set processor” and simply means a processor which has been designed to be optimal for a particular application or domain. So what exactly is the difference from a general-purpose processor?

What is CodAL?

CodAL logo of Codasip architecture language

CodAL is central to developing a processor core using Codasip Studio. It is a C-based language developed from the outset to describe all aspects of a processor including both the instruction set architecture (ISA) and microarchitecture.