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5 reasons to attend RISC-V Summit Europe

The first-ever RISC-V Summit Europe will be held in Barcelona in June 2023! Enjoying the city at this time of the year is pretty amazing. The tapas, the beach, Las Ramblas, Gaudi’s architecture… We know. We will be there. As the European RISC-V leader. And here are 5 more reasons for you to be there too.

The European RISC-V Summit is designed to showcase the latest trends, innovations, and emerging applications of the RISC-V technology. You will be able to stay up to date on the latest developments in the field and gain insights into the future of RISC-V and computing. With three full days of technical conference including industry tracks, research sessions and demos, this is your chance to become an ace at RISC-V. Our team is preparing posters and presentations to share with you.

Why don’t you attend one or more of our sessions?

Codasip at RISC-V summit Europe 2023

2. Share ideas and challenge opinions with industry experts

This conference will bring together experts, aficionados, and everyone interested in the RISC-V phenomenon that is here to stay, providing you with an opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. Each day you will have the opportunity to talk to RISC-V leaders, from researchers to vendors, about any topic. The exhibition hall will be a great forum to ask questions and understand the benefits of RSC-V. ​

We will be present every day in the exhibition hall. You will find us at our stand  and we look forward to exchanging with you on RISC-V customization, RISC-V security, hardware and software co-optimization – in other words, what we call custom compute.

3. Discuss your specific needs with our team

You are unique. Your product is unique. Your questions are unique. We will take the time to discuss your specific needs with you in a separate meeting at the conference. Automotive, security, RISC-V customization… simply book a meeting with us ahead of the conference.

4. Meet the talented team behind our unique products and solutions

The people of Codasip make Codasip. We are an international collective of bright minds focused on transforming how the world designs processors. Our team will be here to talk to you, answer your questions, and demonstrate the great Codasip spirit and identity that you can find in our products and technology.

Codasip Team in Barcelona, RISC-V summit europe

5. One more thing

This one we can’t tell you about just now. You will have to come and meet us at the conference!

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