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When tapas meet tech: Barcelona’s RISC-V Summit feeds our appetite for innovation

Alright, let’s talk about Barcelona. Now, you might be thinking of mouthwatering tapas, smooth local wines, and the pulsing life in every corner of the city. It’s a foodie’s paradise for sure—and I took full advantage— but last week, Barcelona became a playground for tech enthusiasts too. The reason? The first-ever RISC-V Summit Europe.

Codasip team at RISC-V Summit
Part of the Codasip team ready to talk to the RISC-V community 

RISC-V is a global movement

Calista Redmond, CEO of RISC-V International, opened the event by saying that Europe is investing, and Europe is showing up. However, not only was Europe on the agenda for the Summit, but there were also interesting updates for example on the status of RISC-V in China. Calista highlighted the importance of engaging globally and not creating unnecessary borders. As a European company with a global presence and customers all over the world, this is important to us as well. If you don’t know us all that well, get the basics here.

Mark Himelstein, CTO at RISC-V International, followed up and highlighted the pride of ownership. RISC-V is owned by us as a community. I think many people in the room did feel that pride! Think of this conference like a bustling tapas bar, but instead of a variety of small plates, you’ve got a feast of tech talks, engaging discussions, and industry initiatives. You’ve got all these bright minds, like customers at the bar, talking about the latest and greatest in tech.

So, what’s on the menu? RISC-V.

RISC-V has changed the game in processor design with its open-ISA approach, offering the opportunity for customization like you’d see in a Barcelona tapas bar where chefs aren’t afraid to put their own spin on a classic dish. Familiar, but different. Classic, but better.

Great to see so many people interested in RISC-V and the power of custom compute

The value of customization

In my keynote speech, I got to talk about one of my favorite topics: the value of customization. Just like those innovative Barcelona chefs, RISC-V encourages engineers to push boundaries and add their own flair. The result? Unique designs that enhance performance and drive efficiency. One size does not fit all.

In her keynote, Calista Redmond said: “To be competitive, you need to differentiate. You need to take control of your destiny.” We certainly could not agree more! Codasip calls this Custom Compute—the ability to analyze your software workload and quickly customize the hardware to provide the most efficient execution platform to optimize performance, power, and area.

And customization was everywhere at the summit. From detailed talks on embedded systems (a bit like trying to get the spice mix just right in your favorite dish) to lively debates about hardware security (kind of like discussing how to best get to the restaurant), to posters with the latest research (like a menu of all the latest innovation to try out). There was something for every tech palate. Michael Gielda of Antmicro talked about the many options that are available for RISC-V: “Is this fragmentation? No, more like augmentation!”

Collaboration is key

And just like Barcelona’s communal dining culture, where sharing is caring, the RISC-V Summit Europe also emphasized the importance of collaboration. It’s not about who wins the race but how we can all work together to push the industry forward, like sharing a big paella pan and making sure everyone gets a bite.

A crowd of people eager to learn from Codasip CTO Zdenek Prikryl

As the summit wrapped up, we all had that same feeling you get after a great meal: content, inspired, and already planning what to try next time. We had stirred up fresh ideas, made connections, and were eager to see how these innovative seeds would sprout in the tech landscape.

Looking ahead to the next RISC-V Summit, we’re buzzing with anticipation, like foodies waiting for a new restaurant opening. This event was just the starter course, and we’re already craving the next round of insights and innovations. The future of RISC-V looks as promising as the ever-evolving food and wine scene of Barcelona. We can’t wait to see you at the RISC-V Summit in Santa Clara in November 2023!

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