Gender Equality

Protection of Basic Human Rights

Gender equality is a fundamental human right. And it’s also our focus for the future.

Equality and Inclusion


Gender equality is the primary focus of the Gender Equality Strategy for the years 2020 – 2025. Although inequalities still exist, the EU has made significant progress in gender equality over the last decades. This is the result of

  • equal treatment legislation
  • gender mainstreaming, integration of the gender perspective into all other policies
  • specific measures for the advancement of women

Equality in the workplace not only contributes to the economic and social performance, it also improves cohesion and helps to change attitudes in society as a whole. The policy for gender equality in the workplace is based on two main drivers:

  • Combating discrimination, helping to deconstruct stereotypes and encouraging a change in attitudes, which includes parenthood initiatives and family support, to achieve equal opportunities and fair treatment for all.
  • Promoting diversity as a source of wealth for the company.

Equal Opportunity


Work-Life Balance

Finding a balance between one’s work and private life is not just about women. Male employees who wish to play a greater role in their family life may find themselves up against resistance within their company, whether this resistance comes from management or their own colleagues.

Gender Balance in Leadership

We encourage women’s access to top management positions, including decision-making bodies like the board of directors and to management positions in general.

Equal Opportunities Between Women and Men

The Codasip Group will strengthen its efforts to achieve a better gender balance when recruiting for the various positions of the Group. This requires increasing the proportion of women recruited for operational roles on the one hand, and the proportion of men hired to administrative branches on the other.

Integration of The Gender Dimension Into Research

The goal is to work with prejudices and barriers that are in the systemic and social settings, and to increase the quality of the emerging knowledge through the Horizon 2020 program and the activities of other national grant agencies, which ensure that new research will follow and take into account possible differences in preferences, needs, experiences and physiologies of men and women.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

In order to combat sexual harassment, the Codasip Group is committed to setting up awareness-raising initiatives for the prevention of sexist behavior and sexual harassment.


It is necessary to continue the efforts made and to take further measures to promote gender equality, particularly with regard to equal pay and women’s access to all types of roles, including those with managerial responsibilities.

Our management underlines the importance of the European Commission Gender Equality Strategy, objectives, and planned actions on gender equality at Codasip and supports awareness of gender equality through addressed and concrete activities.