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Is Brno your next adventure?

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Located in the southeast of the Czech Republic, Brno is the second-largest Czech city after Prague. It is a university town with a steadily growing expat population and a laid-back pace of life. It is a modern city with rich cultural events, a comprehensive public transport system, an excellent location and constantly improving international accessibility. Brno is safe and pleasantly green. The city has a high-quality beer and wine culture. It is also the home of the Czech semiconductor cluster 

Codasip Labs 

Codasip Labs is our dedicated innovation hub. At our Design Center in Brno, you work directly with our founder Karel Masarik (named the 2023 regional Entrepreneur of the year by EY) to extend the possible and bridge the gap between innovative research and commercialization. 

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We offer generous benefits, flexible working hours and relocation support.

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