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RISC-V Summit 2022

We are a platinum sponsor of the RISC-V Summit 2022 taking place in San Jose, California, US, on 13-14 December, 2022.

Stop by our booth to see demos of our latest RISC-V technology and meet the team.


Codasip talks

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Ron Black, CEO

RISC-V Spotlight

Avoiding Murphy’s Law and Satan’s Law without selling your soul

Tuesday, December 13, 10:35am – 10:45am

No one knows Murphy’s Law of “anything that can go wrong will go wrong” better than automotive OEMs who always must assume this to be true and create systems with safety in mind for any and all risks of system failure. But with connected cars, there is a new law to consider: Satan’s Law. As an automotive manufacturer, you must now also assume all people are bad and want to hack your system. Much is to gain by adopting an integrated approach that can provide a complimentary safety and security solution that is scalable in either direction while balancing PPA.


Paul Elliott, Safety and Security Architect


RISC-V dual lock-step implementation for safety and security applications

Tuesday, December 13, 3:30pm – 3:40pm

In this session, we demonstrate how a secure dual-core lockstep processor can be used to detect and trap faults injected at the hardware level, no matter if that fault was caused by a system malfunction or a deliberate attack. To enable fault testing the design is annotated with smart fault injectors, a functionality that Codasip intends to provide to automate and aid the design of resilient compute systems. The smart fault injectors can be adapted to different fault models addressing the automotive functional safety ISO 26262:2018 as well as the automotive cybersecurity standard ISO/SAE 21434:2021. A proven method in other architectures, dual lockstep enables fault detection no matter what caused the fault.


Keith Graham, VP University Program and Customer Experience

Stefan Wallentowitz, Munich University of Applied Sciences
Sarah Harris, University of Nevada in Las Vegas
Michael Engel, University of Bamberg


RISC-V in education and training: Successes and gaps

Wednesday, December 14, 4:25pm – 5:10pm

RISC-V has a strong academic background and was early adopted by many universities, and a industrial training partners are part of the RISC-V academia and training ecosystem. While the availability of hardware has been an issue for a couple of years, options slowly become available. This panel of distinguished members of the RISC-V education community is organized by the Special Interest Group on Academia and Training and we will briefly give an overview of the state of the ecosystem. The introduction is followed by a discussion of the available materials, tools and frameworks, along with an open discussion around gaps and challenges around education and industrial training.

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