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Application core

What is an application core?

An application core is one that is capable of running a rich operating system such as Linux, Android or iOS.

It will need to meet requirements for supporting virtual memory including having a memory management unit (MMU). To ensure a vertical isolation between driver, OS and applications it must incorporate the necessary privilege modes. The features to support virtual memory and a wide set of privilege modes are more complex than would be in embedded processors.

The Codasip A70 processor is an application core.

The A70 is a 64-bit RISC-V application core (RV64GC / RV64IMAC). This single issue, in-order core targets low-power applications while supporting rich operating systems. Software applications are supported by hardware multiplier and divider and an optional FPU.


Where are application cores used?

The term application processor generally started as a description for the main processor in a mobile phone. As such it would run a rich OS with features aimed at the phone market such as Android or iOS. The same sort of core has been deployed in other applications (non-mobile phone) where a rich OS is required.

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