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Codasip CodeSpace™

Codasip’s CodeSpace and SDKs provide software developers with everything they need to create, profile, build, and debug embedded applications.

For companies licensing off-the-shelf Codasip RISC-V Processors, the Codasip SDK is delivered as part of the processor IP package. For those who are using Codasip Studio™, an SDK can be automatically generated from the Instruction Accurate (IA) CodAL™ description.

Regardless of whether the SDK is user-generated in Codasip Studio or delivered by Codasip, it can be imported to Codasip CodeSpace using SDK Manager.

How Codasip CodeSpace Works

Codasip’s CodeSpace and SDKs are built on open standards including Eclipse and LLVM. Software developers can take advantage of the code editor, profiler, toolchain, and debugger.

The Codasip SDKs include:

  • C/C++ LLVM Compiler
  • C/C++ Libraries (Newlib, compiler-rt, …)
  • Assembler, disassembler, linker
  • Advanced software profiler
  • Instruction set simulators

Codasip compilers outperform community alternatives across a wide range of benchmarks through proprietary optimizations to its LLVM back-end.

Read how we improved LLVM compiler

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