Best-in-class core for small-area and low-power applications

Codasip L110 delivers up to 50% improvements in performance per watt and 20% smaller code size compared to similar cores in the market. The core provides a range of high-quality pre-verified baseline configurations for easy and quick configuration and customization with no risk to the core functionality.

Features and benefits

Configurable design


Codasip L110 is a highly configurable and easy-to-customize IP core designed with a focus on small area and low power. The high-quality pre-verified core baseline configurations achieve best-in-class performance per watt and enable even further power reduction by supporting RISC-V code size reduction extensions. 

Using Codasip Studio Fusion, application-specific custom instructions can be added to achieve even further area/power optimizations. The custom instructions are easy to implement and verify.


L110 is an ideal solution for state machine replacements, sensor controllers, and IoT edge:

  • Delivers best-in-class performance per watt
  • Highly configurable to allow fine-tuning between performance and area
  • Excellent base for further customization

Meet Codasip Studio Fusion

The L110 core is easy to customize and verify thanks to Codasip Studio Fusion.


 You can configure the core from set options, create custom instructions within set bounds, or design freely. 

L110 embedded core

Licensing the L110 core

Choose the L110 IP licensing model that fits your needs:

  • A Codasip standard license contains all the benefits of a high-quality core, delivered in RTL, directly usable in your product.
  • A Codasip enhanced architecture license includes the full CodAL high-level description language for L110, to allow you to fully customize it.
Off-the-shell RISC-V CPU Delivered as RTL Production ready
Customizable RISC-V CPU Delivered as Codal source code Modifiable with Codasip Studio

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