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What is CodeSpace?

CodeSpace is an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) developed by Codasip.

It is specifically designed for software teams working with SDKs (Software Development Kits) generated by architects using the full versions of Codasip Studio.

Why CodeSpace?

The purpose of CodeSpace is to provide software engineers with an environment to develop software for the systems/processors created using Codasip Studio. While architects use the full version of Codasip Studio to design and customize ISAs, software teams can leverage CodeSpace to focus on software development without needing access to the complete architectural design tools.

By generating SDKs using Codasip Studio, architects can configure and customize the instruction set architecture and associated features of the processor. The SDKs include libraries, headers, and tools necessary for software development targeting the specific processor architecture. These SDKs can be imported into CodeSpace, allowing software developers to write, debug, and test software using familiar IDE features and tools provided by Eclipse.

Getting started with Codasip