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Press Release

Codasip achieves certification for automotive functional safety and cybersecurity

TÜV SÜD has audited and certified the company’s IP hardware development according to ISO 26262 and ISO/SAE 21434

Munich, Germany, 1 February 2024 – Codasip®, the leader in RISC-V Custom Compute, announced today that it has achieved certification for the functional safety standard ISO 26262 as well as the cybersecurity engineering standard ISO/SAE 21434. Codasip’s IP hardware engineering development processes, guidelines, and work instructions have been assessed and certified by TÜV SÜD.

The certified processes are in use by Codasip’s engineering team developing new automotive IP products. This commitment to standardized processes not only ensures the integrity and reliability of Codasip’s IP products but also establishes a robust foundation for streamlined and efficient IP product compliance and assessments.

Jamie Broome, vice president of automotive and products, said: “With these certifications, we have reached a milestone in our ambition to deliver a holistic solution to safety and security needs. As our next step to support automotive OEMs ready to differentiate their products through Custom Compute, we will certify key parts of our product portfolio.”

Codasip believes there is a strong need for a holistic approach to safety and security. Most vehicle systems depend on complex hardware and software, and increasingly on wireless technology such as over-the-air updates. Any of these systems being compromised is unacceptable and it takes only one weak link in the chain.  Incorporating robust security and safety measures into processors serves as a defense against systematic and random failures, and safeguards against malicious attacks and unauthorized access. Learn more about the Codasip approach.

In October 2023, Codasip announced the first commercially licensable implementation of the fine-grained memory protection technology CHERI. The CHERI technology, combined with certified development processes, builds a foundation for the next generation of safe and secure processors based on Codasip RISC-V processor cores.

About the standards

ISO 26262 applies to all activities during the safety lifecycle of safety-related systems comprised of electrical, electronic and software components within road vehicles. ISO/SAE 21434 addresses the cybersecurity perspective in engineering of electrical and electronic systems within road vehicles. Certification of Codasip’s development process has been achieved according to relevant clauses of ISO 26262:2018 and ISO/SAE 21434:2021.

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