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Codasip announces next-generation RISC-V processor family for Custom Compute

Introducing the highly flexible 700 family for unlimited innovation

Munich, Germany, 17 October 2023 – Codasip, the leader in RISC-V Custom Compute, announced today a new highly configurable family of RISC-V baseline processors for unlimited innovation. The family, called the “700 family”, includes application and embedded cores. The 700 family complements Codasip’s popular embedded cores by offering a different starting point to fit needs for higher performance. Codasip’s customers can use Codasip Studio to optimize each baseline core for their target use case. The first core in the family is A730, a 64-bit RISC-V application core that is now provided to early-access customers.

Filip Benna, product manager, comments: “We recognize our customers’ needs to differentiate their products in a straightforward way. By providing different starting points for embedded and application processors, we make it easier to reach the right level of optimization in a streamlined design process. With the 700 family and Codasip Custom Compute, designers can push the technology limits by optimizing at the chip or application level for unique gains while keeping costs under control.”

Custom Compute can be achieved through architecture optimization, application profiling, hardware/software co-optimization, and domain-specific acceleration. Codasip enables Custom Compute built on a strong design foundation based on the modular RISC-V ISA, the processor design automation toolset Codasip Studio, and a range of baseline embedded and application cores designed to be easily optimized.

The 700 family offers high-performance, versatile cores to bring the world of Custom Compute to a broad range of new applications. As well as being highly flexible through customization, the processors are available as off-the-shelf standard configurations for an immediate start​. Codasip Studio enables different levels of processor optimization for each use case through advanced profiling​. This proven, highly automated approach​ gives outstanding results and improves time-to-market. From one family design, Codasip offers endless possibilities to satisfy a broad range of use cases. Learn more about the 700 family.

Codasip will be participating at the RISC-V Summit in Santa Clara, California, on November 7-8. The company will showcase its solutions and present a keynote and several technical topics. Learn more or book a meeting.

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