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Codasip L31AS is a 32-bit RISC-V embedded processor with TÜV SÜD ISO 26262 ASIL B certification. Part of our safety and security offering, this embedded processor is ideal either as a Main Controller or a Safety Island in a Functional Safety System. It includes 2 instances of Codasip L31 in a dual-core lockstep configuration along with Physical Memory Protection as a security feature. 

Features and benefits

L31AS process flow

L31AS is an in-order, 3-stage, single-issue RISC-V core targeted for automotive and other functional safety applications. It is based on the RV32IMC ISA. It includes physical memory protection.  

L31AS features separate Data and Instruction AHB-Lite interfaces, block-level gating in single-core configuration and performance counters. It uses the standard RISC-V debug specification with 4 debug triggers and Debug Memory Interface (DMI) as an APB interface that can be used to interface with external debuggers.  

Certified for Functional Safety


The L31AS core is certified by TÜV SÜD according to the requirements set forth in ISO26262 up to ASIL B. It is delivered with a safety pack including a safety manual and a safety case report. 

Software development

Using standard AMBA AHB Interface, L31AS can easily be connected to existing systems and interconnects. What is more, L31AS is designed to simplify software development, with essential features to support developers:  

  • Debug interface – using standard RISC-V Debug specification   
  • Instruction-accurate model – for fast execution of software, before hardware is available  
  • Cycle-accurate model – for software algorithm optimization, when time constraints require precise execution  
  • Full trace capability – in the cycle-accurate model, to hunt hard-to-find bugs  

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