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Embedded World 2024: Safety & security, HW/SW co-optimization and feminist AI

by Tora Fridholm

Step into the buzz and excitement of ew24, where innovation, collaboration, and inspiration converge! In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through the highlights and insights from one of the most anticipated events of the year. From groundbreaking technologies to thought-provoking discussions, get ready to dive in and discover the latest trends shaping the embedded industry.

Safety and security front and center

Anywhere you looked in the halls of the exhibition, you would see the words: Safety & security. Obviously, this topic has been around for some time but this year I noticed it being front and center. Notably, it wasn’t one or the other that was highlighted, but the combination of both aspects. This is exactly the approach we have been pushing for a while, you can learn more in this blog post on the need for a holistic approach to safety and security.

Speaking of safety and security, we were proud to see Codasip CHERI Technology winning the prestigious Embedded Award, in the category of (you guessed it) Safety & security.


Certainly, the demo of Codasip CHERI technology at our booth was popular throughout the three days of the exhibition. However, I did notice a major uptick of curious visitors following the announcement of the Embedded Award winners, with the beautiful (and heavy!) glass trophy shining brightly at the demo station.

Break free: your code deserves a custom core

Speaking of demos, we also showed our unique approach to enabling HW/SW co-optimization.


For too long, embedded system design has followed a predictable pattern: identify needs, select from existing processors, and compromise on performance, power, or price. However, these compromises limit innovation, forcing creative workarounds. It’s time for change. By breaking free from these constraints, you can focus on true innovation. Our approach puts customization at your fingertips. Using Codasip Studio, you can analyze your application, align hardware with software, and generate a custom SDK automatically.

Our CTO Zdeněk Přikryl showed an example of exactly this in his presentation on “Customized RISC-V In a Simple Game Console” as part of the technical conference.

As a matter of fact, this talk contributed to a clear trend among exhibitors this year to attract visitors through different arcade games and even slot machines. Without doubt, this was a successful strategy. People were queuing up to get a chance to try their luck. Zdenek also had requests to make the game used as an example in his talk available to play. Let’s see if he will make that happen for another event.

Other examples of HW/SW co-optimization include:

Feminist AI: an eye-opening session in the networking event for women in embedded

Personally, I really enjoyed the networking event #women4ew. Specifically focused on women in the embedded systems industry, this event included speeches from female industry experts and table talks around their areas of expertise. I joined the table talk on Feminist AI hosted by researcher Eva Gengler and Sandra Rivera, General Manager of Data Center and AI Group at Intel.


Recent AI advancements offer new opportunities but also raise questions about power distribution. The talk explained how current AI systems often reinforce existing imbalances, disadvantaging marginalized groups. Feminist AI has the potential to reshape power dynamics and promote fairness. I will for sure follow the advancements in this potentially revolutionary research field.

Catching up with old friends and making new connections

All in all, we had a great week at ew24. With more than 1,100 exhibitors, Embedded World once again attracted most of the European embedded industry and many global visitors to the lovely city of Nuremberg. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and took the time to discuss, learn, and have a laugh with us. For sure, we will be back in Nuremberg for ew25!

Meet the Codasip team next in June at the RISC-V Summit Europe in Munich, and at DAC in San Francisco.

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