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Codasip appoints Jamie Broome as its Automotive VP

Munich, Germany – 21 April 2022 — Codasip, the leader in customizable RISC-V processor IP, today announced it has appointed Jamie Broome as its new VP Automotive. Broome brings over 20 years of experience in semiconductors and complex IP, SoCs and the automotive supply chain, having recently led Imagination Technologies’ Automotive Business unit dealing with the entire industry, from manufacturers to tier 1 suppliers and ecosystem partners.

Jamie Broome. Source: Codasip
Jamie Broome. Source: Codasip

Broome brings significant experience of the ecosystem, industry contacts, as well as strategic insights into the market, technology innovations, opportunities, and the trends – all of which are ideally suited to Codasip’s technology and its ability to support and enable exactly the innovation the industry needs in 2022. The automotive market is arguably the hottest market today for developments in electronics and semiconductors. In the face of growing competition from new tech giants the ability to differentiate in this market is the key to success, or even survival.

Broome explains, “There are some rapid shifts taking place in the car market – a new marketplace forming in automotive innovation and technology, with a battleground between existing pillars, technology giants and new businesses and business models.  The companies in this market are big and small, new and old, but all are crying out for what RISC-V is offering: the ability to easily innovate rapidly at the design level by reducing the complexity, cost and speed.

“Where Codasip stands out, is that we provide the access to rapid innovation, ownership of the ability to Design for Differentiation, and cost reduction. We deliver that straight into the hands of the players experiencing the pains from the entry of new tech giants into the market. Additionally, being centered in Europe, we are best placed to avoid geopolitical ‘challenges’ and we are surrounded by the world’s greatest concentration of automotive innovators and manufacturing giants.”
In Europe, Broome joins forces with Codasip European VP, Emmanuel Till-Vattier and recently appointed VP Functional Safety (FuSa) Dave Higham, both recent recruits from Imagination. Drawing on Higham’s significant experience, the team will ensure Codasip delivers on the automotive industry’s need for rapid innovation while ensuring technology never compromises the safety or security of vehicles and passengers.

Ron Black, CEO, Codasip, added, “Having known and worked with Jamie for many years, I was delighted he was keen to join the team at Codasip: I could see how his skills and experience will enable us to tap into the full potential of Codasip technology to increase the pace of innovation in the automotive supply chain, as well as enabling innovations in electrification; and safe and secure applications for connected and autonomous vehicles”.

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