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Codasip appoints Ron Black as CEO

Munich Germany, 2 December 2021 – Codasip, the leading supplier of customizable RISC-V processor IP, has announced that the company has appointed Dr Ron Black as Chief Executive Officer.

Christian Claussen, Partner at Ventech – lead, long-term Codasip investor – commented, “Ron brings a wealth of experience in corporate transformations and in his previous role as Executive Chairman has already energized the Codasip team with a new, more aggressive and expanded strategy. We were delighted that he has accepted this expanded role and to lead the company through its next stage of growth.

Ron Black.
Ron Black. Source: Codasip.

Ron Black, commented, “Strategically, Codasip is in a strong place – the right market with astonishing technology and a world class engineering team, but it’s a well-kept secret. RISC-V opens incredible opportunities for customized processors and IP using Codasip’s Studio™ EDA tool and CodAL processor description language, arguably the easiest way to develop such high-quality, differentiated products”. Dr Black continued, “Codasip’s proven technology and market traction truly excites me, so I was keen when the board offered the CEO position.

We have already made substantial progress building an expanded global team with the appointments of Brett Cline as Chief Revenue Officer, Rupert Baines as Chief Marketing Officer, and Simon Bewick, Director of UK Design Center.”

Founder, Dr Karel Masařík now moves on to become Codasip’s President and responsible for advanced research. Dr Masařík commented, “Having known and worked with Ron for nearly a decade, his experience in company transformation and turnaround makes perfect sense for the commercial growth and evolution of the company.”

Following Dr Black’s transition to CEO, the company will be hiring a non-executive Chairman.

Ron Black at #RISCVSummit

Dr Black will be presenting a keynote entitled ‘Scaling is Failing’ at the RISC-V Summit on 8th December, 210pm. Codasip is a Platinum Sponsor for the #RISCVSummit 2021, for information about its attendance, Dr Black’s keynote and other presentations, or to arrange a meeting with our team, visit here.

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