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Press Release

Codasip appoints SH Lee to deliver RISC-V innovations to Korean OEMs

Codasip, the leader in customizable RISC-V processor IP, today announced it has appointed Suk-Ha Lee as its Country Manager, Korea, to establish a presence to support Codasip’s customers in one of the world’s key semiconductor nations.

Lee was with S2C since 2014, supporting multiple Samsung accounts for the company’s FPGA prototyping hardware and software. Lee has amassed considerable experience in his 30 years in the electronics and semiconductor industry, with earlier experience at Synopsys, Synplicity and Forte Design Systems.

In his long and successful career, Lee has worked hard to build strong and significant relationships with most of the tier-one Korean consumer and industrial electronics giants. Lee’s industry relationships and experience have enabled these industry leaders to bring to market SSDs, 5G, Smart TVs and other innovations in the shortest time possible.

Lee commented, “Building a market for a relative newcomer in the Korean market is hard work, but with the capabilities of RISC-V combined with Codasip’s processor IP and Studio tools means we can bring something I’ve been working with my customers for 3 decades: the opportunity to innovate, to be creative and differentiate their products for the global marketplace – and to do this in the shortest timescales possible, while ensuring the highest quality of end products”

Brett Cline, Chief Revenue Officer, Codasip, added, “Korea is market ripe for maximizing the potential that Codasip plus RISC-V offers: processor design automation that rapidly enables their ability to innovate and to win in the global race for consumer and industrial product differentiation. We are delighted to have SH join our rapidly growing team, and to bring his significant knowledge and experience to build Codasip in the Korean – and therefore global – market”.

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