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Codasip delivers custom RISC-V processing to SiliconArts ray-tracing GPUs 

With Codasip 7-series core IP and Codasip Studio tools

Codasip, the leader in customizable RISC-V processor IP, today announced that SiliconArts has adopted application-specific Codasip 7-series RISC-V processors with Codasip Studio customization tools. SiliconArts is a leader in innovations for high-end graphics enabling immersive experiences with its photo-realistic ray tracing graphics rendering. The combination of Codasip RISC-V processor IP and SiliconArts ray tracing GPUs will empower the next generation of the most demanding augmented reality applications.

SiliconArts ray tracing solution will incorporate Codasip’s RISC-V processor core IP. Codasip Studio tools will enable customers to achieve high levels of optimization for their graphics applications. Full flexibility for the SiliconArts partnership is enabled by full access to Codasip’s architecture licenses.

SiliconArts advanced MIMD GPU for ray tracing provides dramatic power savings over conventional SIMD-based GPU designs, enabling advanced photo-realistic rendering algorithms in lower-power solutions. Currently, photo-realistic rendering is limited to PCs and other power-hungry form factors employing traditional GPU ray tracing solutions.

Customization can seem challenging but with processor design automation solutions from Codasip, delivered via Codasip Studio, RISC-V processor cores can be quickly, easily and cost-effectively tuned to the specific needs of the application. Codasip Studio provides the tools to enable full access and assist in the optimization and customization process. The result is a finely tuned application-specific processor, compatible with an industry standard (RISC-V), yet highly optimized and differentiated, in ways that rigid, proprietary ISAs simply cannot deliver. Unlike other “full” license agreements to access processor architectures, Codasip licenses do not restrict what customers can do with its cores.

Codasip and SiliconArts are also collaborating to combine their advanced IP portfolios to enable integrated CPU/GPU designs as well as provide customization and optimization services for their mutual customers. This collaboration will develop advanced RISC-V GPU solutions for the emerging AR/VR market. 

Ron Black, CEO, Codasip, commented, “It’s becoming extremely difficult to make performance gains from scaling semiconductors to smaller nodes. RISC-V combined with the customization capabilities of Codasip Studio enable our customers to make significant performance gains.” Black continued, “SiliconArts is delivering immersive photorealism in augmented reality applications using powerful ray-tracing GPUs. The application of Codasip RISC-V IP is testament to the potential of our technology.”

Dr Hyungmin Yoon, CEO of SiliconArts, added, “SiliconArts strives to be at the forefront of graphics innovation and the adoption of 3D physical rendering. Utilizing conventional processor solutions delivers sub-par performance. We need our designers’ and our customers’ imaginations to be unleashed which means we need something bespoke for our very demanding ray tracing applications. In working with Codasip, we have full access to the IP, to the customization suite of Studio tools.  SiliconArts can also provide services to other chip designs with our knowledge of the Codasip system tools based on their RISC-V IP, which is incredibly well-tested and already widely used in billions of other devices.”

About SiliconArts

SiliconArts, is a leader in real-time ray tracing GPU technology, developed the world’s first ray-tracing GPU IP and ray chip based on the original patent for real-time ray tracing H/W development technology. Through our proprietary MIMD architecture-based design, we have implemented a high-performance, low-power oriented ray tracing GPU suitable for smartphones. We provide a low-power GPU IP solution for Ray Tracing to extend your RISC-V-based SoC to support high-quality graphics and seamless real-time streaming service. Through the US Silicon Valley branch, we are collaborating with world-class application processor companies, and we are expanding our business scope into the AI field by developing AI-accelerated GPU IP.

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