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TianyiHexin Licenses Codasip L30 for Powering Intelligent Wearable Device Solutions

Munich, Germany – February 24th, 2021 – Codasip, the leading supplier of customizable RISC-V® embedded processor IP, announced today that Nanjing Tianyihexin Electronics, an innovative company focused on leading-edge solutions in multi-touch and gesture recognition technologies, has selected Codasip’s L30 (originally Bk3) RISC‑V‑based core for their TWS headset and intelligent wearable devices solutions.

Tianyihexin is a leading optical and high-precision capacitive sensor design company based in China. Relying on their key analog technology of high-precision ADCs, Tianyihexin provides customers with extremely high-performance sensor solutions.

Tianyihexin selected the Codasip L30 RISC-V processor to be integrated into the Hx9131 product. Hx9131 provides multi-point, high-precision capacitive sensing for contact and non-contact multi-touch and gesture recognition. Codasip L30 will provide control functions to the overall system, including sliding, double-clicking, long-press, and other operations to create a comfortable control experience for customers using the TWS headset and other intelligent wearable devices.

“The integration of high-precision sensing technology and RISC-V architecture provides us with the optimal flexibility, control, and performance,” said Dingkai Zuo, Vice President of Engineering at Tianyihexin. “A microcontroller based on Codasip L30 can adapt to various application scenarios and provide more flexible solutions.”

The Codasip L30 processor is based on the RISC-V open instruction set architecture (ISA). It is optimized for low power and area efficiency. It has a single 3-stage processor pipeline architecture, optional caches, optional Floating Point Unit, Multiplication and Division, JTAG and RISC-V debug, and industry standard bus interfaces (AMBA). It also includes support for privilege-mode and memory protection via standard RISC-V PMP, making it an attractive alternative to legacy, proprietary microcontroller cores. L30 is fully configurable and extensible in compliance with the RISC-V standard.

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